Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hold the funny...if only for a day

I try to live life on the humerous side...I've come to find, things don't seem quite as disappointing with that frame of mind.

Thanksgiving.  One of my favorite holidays, just for the pure simplicity of it. Where expensive presents aren't expected to be doled out of sacks beneath a glittering tree, and just being together with friends and family means something.  If only for a day, everyone takes the time to give thanks for what they do have; no matter how small it may seem. 

But also, give thanks for the battles you lost, that promotion you didn't get, the tribulations you've been through, the job you haven't found, the lack of funds in your account, the chores left undone, the mountain you had to climb, the loved ones you've lost;  for all these things are what makes you who you are...not when life is being kind to you!

We live in an "unfeeling" world.  Where no one wants to get involved, where children go hungry or hurt on a daily basis, where the color of one's skin is still judged, where everyone is selfish and only looking out for their own welfare.  It saddens me, but one day out of the year I see a glimmer of hope....Thanksgiving, and yes, it's enough to get me through another year.

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