Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There goes the neighborhood....

Let me preface by stating that I'm not a hard person to get along with...honestly.  Maybe I'm a little quirky, but I also appreciate that quality in a point.  By no means do we reside in the 90210 zip code, or even remotely close; in fact, it's as bad as small town living gets.  But, the neighborhood used to be nice, albeit a melting pot  of quiet families.  Then along with fireworks, July 4th brought a new breed of neighbors.

I'm still  not 100% that this family really wasn't a government experiment gone wrong... 

We should have taken notice of the errrrr....unique moving truck...a pop up camper sans the top, and retreated immediately to the safety of our adobe.  Unfortunately for me, my husband was cursed with the 'too approachable" character trait.  What I thought was simply a random prison break test, was indeed the voice of our new neighbor, commencing his family's arrival to the entire town apparently.  Oh, if that was the only "skill" they possessed.

Our lives have become a not so funny plot of a b horror movie...and I'm hoping I'm the first to be put out of my misery.  I usually abhor making negative comments about children...but...  Let's just say if you've ever seen the movie The Ring, then you've met our neighbor girl.  She appears literally out of nowhere and proceeds to look through you, as if she's silently stealing your soul...never uttering a word.  Neighbor boy on the other hand is like a spider monkey strung out on a case of Mountain Dew.  Carrying the trash to the alley for pickup?  "What ya doing?"  Leavng the house with the dog on the leash?  "What ya doing?"  Outside washing the car?  You guessed it "What ya doing?"  I secretly think he's planning a career in extremely annoying journalism...and let me tell you, he will excel tremendously in that field!

While I'm at it, I've got to get my husband to take down the general store sign that we obviously have hung above our door.  Whether it's alumium foil, cigarettes, extension ladders, an endless array of tools, sugar and other random cooking staples, money, vehicles, our first born...our doorbell rings day and night with requests.  Now, I know our town doesn't have a grocery store, but it's only a short drive...we do it often! 

So, we have become modern day recluses, checking out the curtain before we leave to go anywhere, and even when the coast is clear, we run-walk(have you ever tried to go unoticed when you have 4 children) and look at no one, until we've made it safely to our van.

Now...I wonder what they're saying about us?  :)

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