Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mr. Forbes Needs a Swift Kick

10/09/2010 -

The stars just haven't been in alignment for me this year, that's for sure!  It's been constant incidents, trials and tribulations, endless mountains to climb, letdowns, disappointments, and lessons learned...story of my life!

I've had plenty of time to find out who I really am though, and for that I'm eternally thankful.   Funny, after 36 years you would of thought I knew exactly who I was...wrong, so wrong!!  I had myself pinned down as a business woman, no nonsense, thick skinned, grounded, sensible, calm, and it turns out I'm none of those things; typical of a woman, right?  Ok, so the only thing I'm not is the business woman :)....oh, and calm.

Losing my career was a blessing, I never realized how poisonous it really was.  Living each day to make a billion dollar company another billion dollars's the American way...  Bringing home work and worries left no time to live life.  Family?  Didn't exist.  Sure I had a nice little 10x10 office...that's all I had, and I thought in my own little twisted mind, that this is what American dreams were made of!  I swear someone was piping sublimial messages into the office elevator music.

So, I've shed my "clacker" skin (The Devil Wears Prada reference), after all, who needs luxurious Italian leather kick ass heels?  (Shhh, I'm still prone to visit my closet to pet them!)  I've morphed into a "high maintenance hippy" as my husband affectionately refers to me. 

These days you're liable to find me playing with clay, fusing plastic, weaving, crocheting, wiping the drool off of beads,  and walking endlessly up and down home improvement stores looking for new uses for the manliness lined shelves.  I get to participate in flea marketing, thrift store marathons and the 3 o'clock line up at school. 

And this is only the beginning...

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